Xeni Dezlh Nen by Roni Solomon

Roni Solomon wrote "Xeni Dezlh Nen" for this website. He wrote the song to help provide insight into the Xeni Gwet'in culture. He speaks about the connection the people share with the land and important parts of their culture, like the wild horses. He speaks about the horses because they represent the Xeni Gwet'in's harmonious relationship to land and their desire to stay close to their roots and history.

English Lyrics

We are the people of the Xeni. We live in the valley surrounded by mountains. We are also known as the people of the river.

Our livelihood depends upon the salmon, fish, deer, moose and birds. We hunt in the mountains and valleys and fish in our rivers.

We have wild horses in the mountains and valleys too. We chased these wild horses and learned to respect them and watch over them.

This is who we are. We live in harmony with the land. We will not change and neither is the land going to change. The wild horses will always remain part of our culture and some horses will always be left to roam freely in the wild

We will continue to hunt and fish in our lakes and rivers. We will always be caretakers and the land take care of us until eternity.

We are mountain racers. Chasing these wild horses taught us to have courage and be brave. It taught us to have respect for one another. We will not change. We will always be there for each other forever.

Chilcotin Lyrics

Xun Xeni gwet’in nidlin. Dželh ghatish deni nidlin. Tsilhqot’in chuh nexwets’edısh.

Ts’eman belh nists’i hink’an mus, tu-nulh qa7at’in. Dželh towh nadidilh, lhuy yatsunx yeqox biny gunlin.

Dželh nen Tl’etŝanŝ bedaz, beniz Nažlhiny nadilhyah. Nažlhiny naggen ta7at’in bech’ez igwedil7anx sutsel baxežitan.

Nažlhiny nexweghex nadilhyah nexweghex naxena. Nenduwh ganit’ih nexwenen gwanidiny hanit’ih. Lha ets’en anatežaghedinlh. Nen chuh nenk’i gagwetat’ilh hagunt’ih. Nažlhiny gagunlhnaž nexweghex nadetalyalh, belhdan guyan, lha bitŝ’eghedisnax 7egun nen gatat’ilh, guyan dželh nen naxetanalh.

Gagunlhaž lhuy qa7ataghat’inlh biny, yeqox beqa dežiltŝ’ısh. Dželh towh chuh nadidilh nen gwaxežitan nen chuh guzun sex gagwetat’ilh.

Dželh nen Nažlhiny 7elhelh-ninaxedilnaysh 7egun gwech’ez 7igwedil7anx 7elhelh7at’in. Lha 7et’sen 7anatežaghadinlh 7inlhes sex nek’i gagwetat’ilh.