About The Filmmaker

Lauren has worked in over twenty countries and spent the last several years producing various multimedia projects involving human rights and environmental issues. Lauren received her bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of Georgia, which helped hone her storytelling skills for producing multimedia and video projects. Lauren recently completed her Master’s degree in multimedia journalism at the University of Miami, where she has been working closely with the Knight Center for International Media on projects such as “World Cities,” which brings international attention to the world’s most under-reported issues through local stories. Lauren’s projects have taken her from Freetown, Sierra Leone to Bucharest, Romania where she produced multimedia stories ranging from maternal mortality to racial discrimination.

Lauren began working on the "Inside Nemiah" project in August 2010 for her master's thesis, completing the project over the following four months. After reading an article about the Xeni Gwet'in's plight to protect their land, she wanted to learn more about their story and the relatively unknown culture. She lived with Xeni Gwet'in residents, Jim and Dinah Lulua in Nemiah Valley for a little over a month and spent time fishing, hunting, riding and learning the Xeni Gwet'in traditions. During this time, she was given rare insight into the Xeni Gwet'in way of life and felt it was important to share their story and provide people with a look inside Nemiah.

Lauren Malkani